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Pet Styles offers professional grooming for dogs, dog daycare, and unique boutique items for pets. 

While in our care you can trust that your pet will receive individual attention in a loving and patient manner. 

We strive for excellence, upholding high standards, in every aspect of our business.


Regular grooming by a professional not only makes your pet look good, but is vital to his or her health!  It is important for all medicinal aspects of grooming, (nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal glands, skin care, etc) to be performed regularly by a professional. 

Puppies should be introduced to grooming as early as possible, (once all recommended vaccines have been given) - as early as 12 weeks! 


Professional Grooming

keeps your pet looking and feeling his best!

Come & Play all day at Doggie Daycare

Daycare at Pet Styles is a great opportunity for your dog to socialize with his own kind, and be spoiled by us while you are away from home during the day.  Includes all day play in indoor play areas as well as supervised outings in our fully fenced yard! We accept dogs under 20 pounds for daycare.